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Why should I want an ATM Machine in my place of business?

ATMs increase your profits and add Customer service. Consider the following:

  • You receive income every time a customer uses an ATM.
  • Customers appreciate the added service and that helps create customer loyalty.
  • Industry research shows that customers who use an ATM machine in a store tend to spend more in that store.
  • ATMs often reduce credit card usage and that reduces the store owner’s credit card fees.
  • An ATM can decrease or eliminate the need to accept checks.

  • Added profit, added Customer service … maybe the real question is “Why wouldn’t you want an ATM machine in your place of business?”

    How much do I get.

    If you qualify for an ATM placement, you will receive a percentage of the surcharge. Your actual profit depends on Customer usage and transaction activity. The more foot traffic through your business … the more opportunities a customer will use the ATM.

    When do I get paid.

    A check and detailed statement for your portion of the surcharge fees collected from Customer’s withdrawal transactions is mailed to you monthly. You can expect this check to be received by the 1st Friday of the following month.

    Are there any hidden costs for my ATM?

    No … Expert ATM does not charge any fees for processing your ATM transactions.